Meal Planning with The Organised Housewife

Posted: February 23, 2012 in From My Kitchen, I WILL get organised!, Recipes, Uncategorized
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So, tomorrow is fortnightly grocery shopping day, which means meal planning and shopping lists. Not only am I on a mission to get organised for family meals and lunchbox treats, but I am now also on a mission to do it on a budget. I want to save some serious $$ on our grocery bill. I have found meal planning has helped shave a bit off the cost, but I need to take it 1 step further. Where to start though? Well, I decided to trade out some of the more ‘expensive’ meals, for cheaper alternatives. So, gone from the menu are lamb casserole, and fancy dishes, and added in their place are some old favourites.

This fortnight I have:

1. added 2 meals based around tinned tuna

2. made the most of bulk buying cheap. premium mince, and incorporated 4 mince dishes.

3. replaced steak and veg, with beef casseroles using cheap cuts of meat

4. subbed out 1 chicken thigh/breast based meal, with cheaper chicken drumsticks

5. switched to a basic pasta bake, rather than the usual chicken/spinach/ricotta canneloni that can sometimes add up when it comes to $$

6. searched the fridge/pantry to see what curry pastes and condiments I had left

With that in mind, here are the first weeks dinners 🙂

Image Credit: Julie Goodwin

Friday- Home made beef rissoles and vegetables, served with gravy

Saturday- Tuna Mornay

Sunday- chicken burritos

Monday- Slow cooker beef casserole

Tuesday- Cottage Pie

Wednesday- Tandoori chicken, rice, and steamed greens

Thursday- chicken and cheese pasta bake


Carrot and Pineapple Muffins

Carrot and Pineapple Muffins

Choc Chip cookie dough (for freezer)

Cheese and vegemite scrolls

The Organised Housewife
  1. emmycooks says:

    I wish I were such an organized housewife!

    • Ah, it has taken me a while to get where I am at, and I still have a LONG way to go- trust me! The only thing I seem to have mastered is the shopping list and meal planning……the housework is still a bit hit and miss! Oops!

  2. Ali Odgers says:

    Have you looked at Simple Savings and the $21 challenge? It’s about feeding a family for a week with $21. I just bought the book for some money saving meal ideas. I’ll bring it up when I come if you want!

    • I have had a brief look, but all the stuff I want to read seems to be in the paid section, and I just can’t bring myself to spend $45 upfront, when I am trying to cut spending lol
      I have signed up to the newsletter tough 🙂

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  4. Yum, can you please share your carrot and pineapple muffin recipe, sounds devine!!! Thankyou for linking up to meal plan last week!!

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