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Just a warning, this is going to be quite a pic-heavy post. I apologise for the quality of some, as a few are from my phone.

I first came across cake pops on Facebook, when I started seeing photos of them popping up all over the place. They intrigued me. I wanted to know more. I wanted to try one. I wanted to make them. So I made them.

Ok, so first I actually had to do some research, so I turned to Google, and looked them up. I found LOTS of info/tutorials/videos etc, but my fave ones were from Bakerella. I wasn’t going to make anything as fancy as some of hers, but it was a great introduction, and opened my eyes to SO many possibilities. I decided to go ahead and try my hand at this Cake Pop making thing.

I asked around on Facebook and got a lead for a supplies shop called Cakes Around Town, and purchased sticks, candy melts, and sugar crystal things to decorate. I decided a birthday dinner for hubby and his mate would be the perfect event to make them for, as there would be many guinea pigs..errrm, willing taste testers?…to give them a try.

So, first I baked my cakes- choc mud, and caramel mud. I used a packet mix for the chocolate, but made the caramele from scratched by using brown sugar in this white chocolate mud recipe  (which is A.Ma.Zing! btw) from Exclusively Food.

After the cakes were backed, I let them cool a bit, then crumbled them up

I mixed the crumbled up cake with gnache (the one from the packet for the chocolate, and I made a caramel one…cant remember the recipe though, my bad….it had cream, white choc, and brown sugar I think?) until I had a dough-like ball.

I made small, firm balls with this “dough” placed them on a lined tray, then into the freezer to firm up. I left them in there for about 25-30minutes. You want them firm, but not rock solid.

Once firm enough to pierce with a stick, I melted my candy melts in the microwave for about a minute and gve them a good stir to make sure there were no lumps.

I dipped the tip of each stick, one at a time, into the candy melts, and pushed them gently into the balls, being careful to only go about 2/3 of the way in.

Once all of them were done, I began to coat them, gently rotating them to get the excess off, then sprinkled them with my coloured sugar thingies, before placing them in my ever so professional (lol) cake pop stand to dry (Oh, you need a stand. I used upturned shoe boxes, but florist foam would have been better- my stand was a tad unstable).

Of course, there were some casualties along the way, and quality control wasa bit of a must 😉

Once I had finished both batches, and they were all dry, I got them all prettied up to take out for the birthdays boys. I found some pretty buckets at a discount store, put some weight in the bottom (I used bags of lentils lol), and a foam ball in each. I stabbed the cake pops into the foam balls, and added some cellophane and ribbon to finish the off.







So, where I can, I really like to try to give hand made gifts. I don’t do it for everyone, as I often wonder if they are truly appreciated. Sometimes, I think some people interpret my hand made gifts as me trying to be “cheap”, when in reality the time, and often money invested/value of materials, is way more than what I would have spent in store.
Anyway, in my regular group over on Ravelry there has been quite the fascination with Cowgirl Cookies by Bakerella for quite some time, and in the lead up to Christmas it was revealed by one member that IGA supermarkets were stocking the pink and white m&m’s. To say we all went a little crazy would be an understatement! We basically had our own black market trading happening, as people stocked up, and shipped m&m’s off around the country, even across the ditch to NZ!!……quite amusing really!
I decided the concept was great for gifts, so I also went to my local store and purchased every packet they had left in stock…may have been a bit OTT, but hey, they are awesome!
I gave the recipe a whirl, and was quite impressed!
Not only was the cookie dough super yummy, but the cooked version was amzing! (I made a double batch, rolled all the balls, then froze some. They were super good for whacking in the oven at the last minute for snacks, school lunches etc).
Anyway, after having successfully made the cookies, I was SO keen to gift the mix in the jar, just like on the Bakerella site. The opportunity arose when Miss C was invited to Miss A’s 5th birthday party.
Miss A loves to bake, and has her own cute little apron and chef’s hat etc, so I knew they would be perfect! I did have to play around with quantities to get the mix to fit in the jar, but I got there in the end.
I made some labels, and grabbed some fabric and leather ties from Lincraft to pretty it all up, and was super happy with the result. My girls also LOVED the concept, and have suggested I give them to all their friends for their birthdays! I thought it needed a little extra to go with it though, so got my craft on to make some cute little clips, and a mini crochet hand bag.
The clips are just fabric yo yo’s with buttons sew on, then hot glued to the clips. I also added a yo yo to the hand bag, which I thought finished it off nicely.
I used Family Roots Kona Worsted in “Camilla” with a 5mm hook, and the pattern is Granny Stripe Boutique bag, which I found over at Ravelry.