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It has been a while since I have had exciting mail. but in the last week I have had some undyed yarn arrive, as well as this gorgeous bundle from Red Riding Hood Yarns. I’m in love xx


It may appear I have neglected this blog, and I guess in a sense I have, but only because I have been busy, busy, busy!!
I returned to uni this semester studying a 3/4 load (so not quite full time); have committed to a number of markets etc where I hope to sell some knitting; and have generally tried to spend a lot less time on the computer, and more time with my kids, or cooking for my family….oh, and watching the Olympics!!

Here are some images to show what I have been up to, and I promise I will try to post a little more regularly xx

Getting crafty

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Crafty Me
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Loving crochet at the moment, and even revisiting some old projects xx





I cannot believe I forgot to blog these! I mean seriously, they are such great patterns, and such lovely yarn……how could it slip my mind?

This gorgeous little top is called “Hine”, and it is a gorgeous pattern from the ever-so-talented Kelly over at Knit.So.Quaint
I have previously blogged one of these gorgeous Hines, which was a test knit.
Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the word “Hine” is a Maori word for girl/daughter, and is used as a term of address for a girl or young woman.

The gorgeous green yarn is a 10ply/worsted superwash from Hannah at Red Riding Hood Yarns, an amazing Kiwi dyer.
It is the perfect girly green, and is called “Snow Covered Tress”.

This little fellow below was for my nephew when he was born, and is a newborn sized “Puerperium” cardigan, again a pattern designed by Kelly, and again in yarn from Red Riding Hood Yarns.
“Puerperium” is the time immediately following the birth of a baby, so it was the perfect pattern for a newborn gift.
The 2 yarns used were RRHY 8ply superwash in “Wide Open Spaces” and “Landslide” (and yes, the theme for these colourways was The Dixie Chicks xx)

I really enjoy knitting both of these patterns, and I am very much in love with the gorgeous colours dyed by Red Riding Hood Yarns. You really should check out the amazing talents of these 2 lovely ladies xx

Remember the post I did on my gradient dying (re-blogged above)? Well, here is what I have knitted so far:

The pattern is “Rainbow Dress” by Georgie Hallam (tikki), and it can be found over at Ravelry for purchase and download, or on tikki’s blog.

It is not exactly how I had imagined it would knit up, but still lovely. I am VERY pleased with it. Admittedly, this has been packed away for a while, so no further progress has been made, but it will make a comeback, and it will be completed for Miss C’s 5th Birthday next month 😀

A Multifarious Me

I am on a journey. Destination? A completed Rainbow Dress for Miss C.
I am probably halfway there……just the knitting to go lol.
Note: This post is pretty much going to be all about the photos 🙂
8ply WOOLganic “blanks”
Soaking in a vinegar/water solution. Approx 80/20 for 2hrs
My 3 dyes. I mixed these up to roughly the desired strength, by testing
drops of colour on paper towel.
I added colours one at a time, and gently pressed and eased them into
each other, to achieve some blending.
All wrapped up and ready to cook. I did 2 mins on high, rest for 2 mins.
Repeat 2 more times.
Waiting for them to go cold……
……but couldn’t resist a peak lol
all rinsed out (not much residual dye)…..
…..and now waiting for them to dry.
Some tips:
1. Old towels are great for protecting the work surface, and mopping…

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A hoarding problem….specifically, a yarn hoarding problem…..boy yarn in particular!

I have 2 parcels on the way to me, both of which contain yarn intended for my little man…..they contain these, amoung other things


Now, this is all well and good……but looking over my stash, I still have all of these that were purchased with the intention of knitting for Master E….some were even purchased before he was born, so we’re talking 2 yrs ago!

Might be time I picked up the needles? Maybe something like these? I do have the yarn 😉

Source: via Tanya on Pinterest

….and this may be hard to believe to the high number of posts on my blog that focus on food that I prepare for my family, but my first creative love is actually knitting, and crochet (although I am still a bit of a crochet novice!).

I find it relaxing. I can zone out while I do it, and it can help me forget about the stresses in life for a little while.

Sometimes I sell my knitting through a page on Facebook. Like this piece I am currently working on for a market night.

and these 2 little newborn beanies made out of gorgeously soft, squishy, organic, merino. LOVE!

I am a member over at Ravelry, as any knitter/crocheter/weaver/spinner/yarn crafter should be, and am inspired daily by the amazing talents of the thousands of people that share their projects there.

If you are into yarn, and aren’t on Ravelry, you really should head over and join up. Just be prepared to lose MANY hours out of your day there, as you browse, download, admire, and (love) xx

Ok, so I’m not really a hooker (as in, one who crochets…..not the other type :-p), but I have a bit of a closet love affair with Granny Squares. They are so versatile, and can be as loud and bright, or as classically simple and chic, as you want them to be.
(oh, and sorry about the quality of some of the photos about to come, many are from my phone).
This is Amy
Miss C scored herself a lovely little Australian Girl Doll called Amy for Christmas, so of course she needs a whole heap of accessories and clothing. Miss C decided Amy needed a blanket, and I totally agreed.
This is Amy’s blanket 🙂
So, I had a dig around through my yarn stash for some scraps that would coordinate nicely.
I settled on scraps in pinks, purples, and greens.
I love Amy’s blanket…one could say it has me “hooked” on
granny squares hehehe
Now as, quite frankly, a beginner crocheter/hooker, I cannot remember stitches off the top of my head, so I had to have a bit of a hunt around on Ravelry for a square I liked the look of, then refer to a book for the written instructions/diagrams for the stitches. I settled on a traditional granny square. Easy.
isn’t she a beauty?
Anyway, I used mostly Aran/12ply weight yarns, with a 5mm hook, and this (roughly 30x30cm) little blanket took me about 3.5hrs in front of the TV one night.
The ease and speed at which it worked up, totally got my blood pumping, and I have dived head first into a blanket for my little man, Matser E. I am aiming for something between cot size, and single bed size, depending on how long my yarn lasts me.
Perfect colours for a little boy 🙂
Cannot wait to complete this blanket for the special little man in my life!
Recently, I was part of a swap in a group over at Ravelry.
It works kind of like a secret santa, where you are allocated a person to spoil.
Our theme was ‘Winter Warmers’, with the aim to shop the stash.
I was thrilled to find out the person I was allocated , is also a chocolate lover, and liked fingerless mitts, and the colour teal… I pretended I was shopping, dyeing, and knitting for me! Haha!
Pattern: Twistler Wristwarmers
Designer: Wendi Dunlap
Yarn: Henry’s Attic Licorice Twist, dyed by me
I really enjoyed knitting these, and will be taking limited custom orders for them from my Facebook page, Tanya Knits.

So to speak.

I have completed my first custom knit since starting my Facebook page Tanya Knits. These gorgeous longies will be off to New Zealand, just as soon as I can get to the post office without my 2 youngest children getting blown away in the wind, and drenched by the rain……it is terrible out there!!!

Pattern: Ultimate Longies by Shannon Passmore
Trim Yarn: WOOLganic Organic Merino Worsted in ‘Chlli Pepper’
Main Yarn: Mosaic Moon Uruguay 3ply in ‘Hearthside’

I really hope these longies are loved by their new owner, as much as they are loved by me. I LOVE the yarn, and think I may have to try to track down some more Hearthside at some stage for my own little fella 🙂