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This is what I am faced with as I look out my bedroom window this morning. I have to say, the grey skies are representative of the general mood in our household atm: miserable!

We have 2 sick kids, and a tired mother trying to keep on top of the cleaning and limit the spread of germs.
To stay sane, I am definitely going to have to do some baking, and kick back with a coffee and my knitting needles at some point for some me time xx

I have been trying out some natural, homemade cleaning products around our home over the last few months, particularly all-purpose cleaning sprays that I use to wipe over benches, tables, door knobs etc. My go-to cleaning spray has been a mix of plain old white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. It works surprisingly well for the general cleaning. For tougher dirt and grime, like on the stove top for example, I have been sprinkling bicarb soda on the surface first, then hitting it with my vinegar spray to make it bubble and fizz, before wiping it clean. It is fantastic!

Fast forward to today, and I am in need of a super quick and easy, antibacterial solution to deal with germs…..nasty germs…..the viral kind that kids attract! Yep, we’ve been hit! Our 17 month old son has not only chicken pox, but also hand foot and mouth disease (and a secondary ear infection *sigh*).

I need something I can just grab, wipe, and toss. I found myself wishing I had some antibacterial wipes like the Pine O Clean ones…….so I made some!!!!

I know that vinegar has disinfecting properties, and so does Tea Tree Oil, so I combined the power of both of them, making a solution with some boiled water. I found an old wipes container, and filled it with squares of paper towel that I folded in half, and poured the vinegar/tea tree/water mix over the top slowly. Next time, I would make reusable wipes using something like Chux Superwipes, but I didn’t have any on hand today. I used Handee Ultra paper towel, as I find it holds up really well when wet, not like some of the cheaper, no-name paper towel on the market.

So far I have used my homemade wipes on the toilet lid and seat; the coffee table; keyboard and mouse; bench tops; stove top; and toys that Master E has been chewing on. I also plan to do my bathroom; the nappy bucket; and the garbage bin….I will probably do most things in the house actually. They are very handy little wipes, and do a good job.

As an added bonus, Tea Tree is a natural deoderiser, so my house has a lovely clean, fresh smell today.

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