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Ok, so I am not really a handbag kinda gal, but I do have a few that I am always trying to find homes for. Up until recently, “homes” have been anything from my bedroom floor, to the dining table, to the front seat of the car, or the top of the microwave……pretty much anywhere I saw a space! This was a really bad habit, as my bags always got in the way, and were being shuffled from one space to another, so I lumped them on the door knob of our bedroom door…..again, not the most practical os solutions.

Then it dawned on my. I needed hooks!!! But where would I hang them? We rent, so I didn’t want anything permanent, but I also didn’t want to risk damaging paintwork with temporary solutions, that in all honesty, could be there for a few more years yet.

So while I was out and about one day, I popped into my local KMart to see what they had on offer. There, surrounded by all sorts of organising paraphernalia, was the answer! Hooks that hang over the top of a door! Excellent!! So simpls. How had I not thought of this before? We have a space behind the door, so I figured I may as well make use of it.

Now, I have a neat hanging space for my bags.

The Organised Housewife

This is actually quite embarrassing, but I’m keeping it real. I am not blind to the fact that sometimes I am just plain lazy, and this is what can result from that laziness:

(Edit: I just noticed what is on my screen! (The Organised Housewife site) Anyone else pick up on that? Oh the irony! lol)

Everyone kind of just put up with it…..and I kept avoiding it, til one day I had a sudden burst of energy and dealt with it.

I got 2 new baskets from KMart and emptied everything off the desk. I cleaned the desk, wiped the printer, and generally gave everything a bit of a clean, then only put back what I actually wanted on the desk:

So, up top, we have the printer, and the trays holding scrap paper, and printer paper.

next shelf down to the left with have the sticky tape dispenser, and my Smiggle Diary; to the right (above the monitor) we have a small plastic basket housing a small stapler, 2 small tape despensers, a shape punch, and post-its.

On the desk to the left we have a re-purposed vase with pens (I never get flowers, so this was a much more logical use for it lol), markers, highlighters, and scissors, and a box of tissues; to the right my iMac, and speakers.

On the shelf under the keyboard draw is my laptop, and a basket with ink cartriges; and accessories for the lap top (charger, and usb mouse).

Bottom right is the sub.

Camera cables and usb cords hang from a hook on the right side of the desk, and we also have powerboards mounted there so we can turn everything off at the switch at night (these were pre-existing features that hubby came up with.

So now the desk is immaculate, but I still have all this to deal with (but only 1 basket left now :-S)