I don’t spend all my time in the kitchen….

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Crafty Me, Uncategorized
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….and this may be hard to believe to the high number of posts on my blog that focus on food that I prepare for my family, but my first creative love is actually knitting, and crochet (although I am still a bit of a crochet novice!).

I find it relaxing. I can zone out while I do it, and it can help me forget about the stresses in life for a little while.

Sometimes I sell my knitting through a page on Facebook. Like this piece I am currently working on for a market night.

and these 2 little newborn beanies made out of gorgeously soft, squishy, organic, merino. LOVE!

I am a member over at Ravelry, as any knitter/crocheter/weaver/spinner/yarn crafter should be, and am inspired daily by the amazing talents of the thousands of people that share their projects there.

If you are into yarn, and aren’t on Ravelry, you really should head over and join up. Just be prepared to lose MANY hours out of your day there, as you browse, download, admire, and (love) xx

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