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OK, so it’s not one of the gorgeous creations that I was daydreaming about in a previous post, but it is a LOT better than it was a week ago. I am so thrilled. With a bit of sorting, scrubbing, culling, and screwing, I have gone from this:

to this:


Ok, so it still looks similar…..and the Dyson wasn’t back in it’s space at the time(next to the bucket) but it is such an improvement. Here is what I have done.

Up top, we have basics such as flour, pasta, sugar, and my assorted baking items. On the left, I have used a stackable pantry shelf from BigW to create some extra space, and allow easy access to my baking box. This has open packets of choc chips, m&ms, nuts etc that I generally use together in biscuits.

To the right I have all my Tupperware Modular Mates. The very last container to the right hold packet bread mix and bread improver.

Blow this we have sauces and vinegars:

Next shelf down is breakfast items. So cereal, spreads, and bread. I deliberately placed these on a shelf that the girls can reach, so when they get up in the morning they can help themselves to breakfast (excuse the dodgy photo):

Under this we have tinned items, pastas sauces, rice packets, crackers, and spaghetti canister (it is too tall to go up the top with the other pastas):

and down the very bottom we have the things I don’t use evry day or so. on the left are our grocery bags. I have folded them, and used a stackable shelf on it’s side to hold them neatly in their place. On the right I have Peanut oils, long life milks, and cordial at the front. Behind these I have a tall square container filled with plastic cups, paper plates, serviettes and candles etc

the inside right door has spices, curry powder, yeast, and small bottles of Asian sauces etc (you may also notice our freehand growth chart lol):

The insed left door now houses more baking goods such as food colouring, cocoa tins etc; and the central wall is sporting a new Iron holder:


I’m a happy lady 🙂



As I embark on a another morning of (attempting) some tidying, I look at the state of my old, cluttered kitchen, and daydream about what I would do to it if I could (we rent, and actually, if we owned our own home, it certainly wouldn’t be this one!).
*Sigh*….I’m in love!
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The harsh reality? I have a stand alone, melamine pantry (a.k.a wardrobe!), that isn’t anywhere as big as it looks…..
ok, so from the outside, it doesn’t look too bad…..
…but the inside? I lose a lot of usable space on the left had side, as this also
stores the mop and bucket, Dyson (not pictured), and whatever else gets dumped in there.
I try to keep it organised, but it never stays that way for long! I can’t afford a new one, and I don’t really have the cash to splash out on a pretty makeover, or buy more tupperware…….(cheap) suggestions please? It’s driving me insane!!!

Edit: Just had to share this. While is was in the lounge room typing this blog post, my girls were having a bit of fun in the kitchen lol…(excuse the pic taken on my phone).