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As I embark on a another morning of (attempting) some tidying, I look at the state of my old, cluttered kitchen, and daydream about what I would do to it if I could (we rent, and actually, if we owned our own home, it certainly wouldn’t be this one!).
*Sigh*….I’m in love!
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The harsh reality? I have a stand alone, melamine pantry (a.k.a wardrobe!), that isn’t anywhere as big as it looks…..
ok, so from the outside, it doesn’t look too bad…..
…but the inside? I lose a lot of usable space on the left had side, as this also
stores the mop and bucket, Dyson (not pictured), and whatever else gets dumped in there.
I try to keep it organised, but it never stays that way for long! I can’t afford a new one, and I don’t really have the cash to splash out on a pretty makeover, or buy more tupperware…….(cheap) suggestions please? It’s driving me insane!!!

Edit: Just had to share this. While is was in the lounge room typing this blog post, my girls were having a bit of fun in the kitchen lol…(excuse the pic taken on my phone).

  1. […] so it’s not one of the gorgeous creations that I was daydreaming about in a previous post, but it is a LOT better than it was a week ago. I am so thrilled. With a bit of sorting, scrubbing, […]

  2. That is a daydream. I would never use most of the things in the daydream cabinets. Ever worked really hard on a day to organize only to find it all mixed up again in a few days? Why do we clean? It only gets dirty in a few days as well, lol!

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