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So, we had Miss 5’s party last weekend, and it was a huge success. I had everything so organised, that I was literally just making some last minute adjustments the morning of the party, and we were ready at ;east an hour before everyone arrived.

In the week leading up to the party, I created various labels in Microsoft Excel for the drinks, and lollipop favours etc. I also made some for the food, that I ended up not using, as with our table decorations I felt it may have been a bit over the top.

The labels were super easy to create thanks to this wonderful tutorial over at I Heart Organising.

These are all the labelsI created for you to download if you wish. Just click on the links to go to the Excel documents, then you can play around with the fonts and colours as you please.





The Organised Housewife

In roughly 2 weeks (not that I am counting hehe) I have one daughter moving into Year 2, and the other starting Kindergarten. Apart from wondering when exactly we became parents to 2 school age children (where on earth did that¬†time go?), I have also been tossing up the idea of a routine charts for the girls, to help mornings and afternoons run smoothly.. Not only do they need to be at school on time, but 2 days a week their little brother needs to be at daycare, and I need to be at uni. Then, add in afternoon swimming lessons, after school care etc…and well, it could all end up in chaos!

So, after reading multiple blogs on organising, and looking at multiple routine charts, I decided it had to be done. Just something simple that could be done each morning and afternoon, no matter what time we get home. I sat down at the iMac, and opened up Microsoft Excel…a novelty for me (yes, small things and all that haha), and had a play. I found it surprisingly easy with a little help from google (I am an Excel novice!), and after a couple of hours, I came up with these little babies:

If you think these routines would suit you and your family, feel free to copy the png. files below, and paste them into your own document. Add a header, and your done!