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It has been a while since I have had exciting mail. but in the last week I have had some undyed yarn arrive, as well as this gorgeous bundle from Red Riding Hood Yarns. I’m in love xx


It may appear I have neglected this blog, and I guess in a sense I have, but only because I have been busy, busy, busy!!
I returned to uni this semester studying a 3/4 load (so not quite full time); have committed to a number of markets etc where I hope to sell some knitting; and have generally tried to spend a lot less time on the computer, and more time with my kids, or cooking for my family….oh, and watching the Olympics!!

Here are some images to show what I have been up to, and I promise I will try to post a little more regularly xx

C is for Crochet…..and Chocolate……and Coffee……

Source: via Tanya on Pinterest

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I’ll post about another swap I was in.
Another winter warmer/shop the stash swap in my favourite group over at Ravelry.
For this swap, my recipient had said she would love to receive a crochet item, as she can’t crochet herself, so I decided on a neck warmer/cowl.
Pattern: Urban Shells
Yarn: 100purewool “Gray Marvellous”
Buttons: Coconut from Lincraft
Hook: 4.5mm
Extras: Darning needles; and large peg magnet, note pad,
pens,  and bag from Typo
Unfortunately, the neck warmer wasn’t suitable when it was received 😦 but I hope to rectify this ASAP, as I feel really bad about it.
Recently, I was part of a swap in a group over at Ravelry.
It works kind of like a secret santa, where you are allocated a person to spoil.
Our theme was ‘Winter Warmers’, with the aim to shop the stash.
I was thrilled to find out the person I was allocated , is also a chocolate lover, and liked fingerless mitts, and the colour teal… I pretended I was shopping, dyeing, and knitting for me! Haha!
Pattern: Twistler Wristwarmers
Designer: Wendi Dunlap
Yarn: Henry’s Attic Licorice Twist, dyed by me
I really enjoyed knitting these, and will be taking limited custom orders for them from my Facebook page, Tanya Knits.
I have had a few enquiries about this, and as yet only one serious request, but thought I’d address this here, for those who may be considering asking the same question.
In short, YES!! I do offer a cottage license for Puffy Sleeved Shrug, and will also offer them for any other patterns of mine…current and future!
Basically, I offer 2 simple versions: Limited, and Unlimited.
A limited license allows the knitter to produce, and sell, 5 items from the pattern in an unlimited timeframe.
It could be 5 in one month, 5 in one year, or 5 in the lifetime of their knitting adventures…simple.
Cost is AU$20
An unlimited license is a lifetime license, and allows the knitter to produce, and sell, an unlimited number of items from my pattern, for a one time fee of AU$45.
Some gorgeous projects, completed from my
Puffy Sleeved Shrug pattern
So what’s the catch? The offer applies only to WAHM business/hobby knitters who sell at markets, small online stores, Facebook pages, blogs etc. This is not intended for commercial mass production. I want to support the little people, not big business. Cool?
Also, I expect the knitter to always credit me as the designer, and NEVER claim the pattern to be their own. If you make modifications to the design, make a note of them in the listing please.
Simple? That is the way it is intended 🙂
So how do you obtain a license agreement for this gorgeous little shrug? Easy!
Purchase the pattern, if you haven’t already done so. You can do this buy hitting the “Buy Now” button to the right (this will help you pay by PayPal) and download the pattern.
OR, if you are on Ravlery, you can purchase the pattern there.
Find my email address at the end of the pattern, and shoot me an email with your enquiry.
Ahhhh, how I love Thursdays. A day where lots of crafty people share what they have been up to. Lots of gorgeous things to sticky beak at, lots of inspiration. Awesome.
My creative space, once again, is my coffee table… seems to be where everything ends up, as I generally sit on the lounge and knit while watching television….or a movie……or ignore the bickering kids etc. It is a super comfy place to sit…so I guess you will be seeing a lot more of my coffee table in future :-p
This week, there are a couple of things on my creative coffee table, and to get into the creative mood, I had a play around with some basic photo editing in photobucket…..whoa! I think I should stick to knitting!!!
mmmmm, coffee and knitting….enough said really!
There are 2 WIPs (work in progress) in this pic. One is a Hotshot (Ravlery link) up in the back there, and the other at the front is a bulky/12ply shawl pattern I am nutting out for myself.
Will see how it goes, and maybe in a few days I will have a gorgeous shawl to share on here!
Keen to have a peak at some more creative spaces? Head on over to kootoyoo and find the creative spaces link to the right 🙂