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How could I forget? I have signed up just now, as I had always planned to, but we will see how I go. My main aim is to blog more than I did in August and September so that I can get back into the habit of regular blogging. I am blog #276  on the roll. Here goes xx

Ok, so this is what it all looked like. I used coloured metal buckets, paper doilies, glass jars, streamers and tissue paper from the local discount stores; a cupcake stand borrowed from my sister; a chrome 2 tier cake stand I got on eBay; and a glass cake stand that belonged to my husbands Nanna.

The cake board is just a standard one that I purchased a few years ago. Every time I use it, I cover it to suit the theme. This time I have used wrapping paper, and clear contact. It is also sitting on an upturned serving bowl.

For fun and games we had a Rainbow Pinata that was hanging in the garage. We were going to hang it up outside, but it rained 😦 We also had a home-made ‘pin the cloud on the rainbow’ that was a hit!




So, we had Miss 5’s party last weekend, and it was a huge success. I had everything so organised, that I was literally just making some last minute adjustments the morning of the party, and we were ready at ;east an hour before everyone arrived.

In the week leading up to the party, I created various labels in Microsoft Excel for the drinks, and lollipop favours etc. I also made some for the food, that I ended up not using, as with our table decorations I felt it may have been a bit over the top.

The labels were super easy to create thanks to this wonderful tutorial over at I Heart Organising.

These are all the labelsI created for you to download if you wish. Just click on the links to go to the Excel documents, then you can play around with the fonts and colours as you please.





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After grey skies this morning, this is now my view: a backyard bathed in warmth, and sunlight kissing 3 loads of washing xx

After a recent spate of Rainbow parties popping up on blogs all over the place, I have been prompted to start brainstorming for Miss Soon-to-be-5’s ‘Rainbow High Tea’. Now, there is a story behind her theme, and the short version is that she has wanted a Rainbow party for almost 6 months….well, that was until she saw me researching some ideas for my High Tea 30th, and then she promptly decided she also wanted High Tea. So, I combined the themes for her. I plan to make Rainbow themed invitations, labels, and cupcake wrappers & toppers in Photoshop; bake a rainbow layer cake; provide a variety of rainbow food; have a selection of hot foods for lunch; and add even more colour with balloons, bunting and serviettes etc.

Anyway, as I always do when I want to browse for idea and inspiration, I turned to Pinterest and came up with these beauties. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do 😀

Source: via Tanya on Pinterest

Ok, so I am not really a handbag kinda gal, but I do have a few that I am always trying to find homes for. Up until recently, “homes” have been anything from my bedroom floor, to the dining table, to the front seat of the car, or the top of the microwave……pretty much anywhere I saw a space! This was a really bad habit, as my bags always got in the way, and were being shuffled from one space to another, so I lumped them on the door knob of our bedroom door…..again, not the most practical os solutions.

Then it dawned on my. I needed hooks!!! But where would I hang them? We rent, so I didn’t want anything permanent, but I also didn’t want to risk damaging paintwork with temporary solutions, that in all honesty, could be there for a few more years yet.

So while I was out and about one day, I popped into my local KMart to see what they had on offer. There, surrounded by all sorts of organising paraphernalia, was the answer! Hooks that hang over the top of a door! Excellent!! So simpls. How had I not thought of this before? We have a space behind the door, so I figured I may as well make use of it.

Now, I have a neat hanging space for my bags.

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Recently when I have been talking about meal planning and fortnightly shopping, I have had people ask how I do it. Well, it is simple really. Hubby gets paid every second Friday, so that is shopping day now. On Thursday, or Wednesday if I am super organised, I write down 14 meals I would like to make for dinner over the fortnight, starting on a Friday. I try to incorporate ingredients that may be left in the fridge, freezer or pantry, such as meat, pasta, rice, vegetables, or sauces and curry pastes. You can see the first week of my current meal plan (starting tonight) in my post HERE.

Once I know what I have on hand, I start my shopping list. Anything needed for the meals I have planned, goes on the list, and I write down the quantities I will need so I don’t over buy. I include everything in my list: meat; fruit and vegetables for the planned meals, lunch boxes, and snacks (for one week only); crisp bread for school lunches; ingredients for baking; condiments and spreads we are out of, or will run out of during the fortnight; milk, bread and eggs; and any toiletries we need. I buy all of this on pay day, and this is my ‘big’ shop for the fortnight. I go again on the alternate week to stock up on fresh fruit and veg for the 2nd weeks meals and lunches, and I buy fresh bread and milk in between as needed.

I have found that this method has so far been saving me up to $30 per week on what I used to spend! Today I spent $261.30, and this is what I got:

~ Pantry items, bread, and dairy for the fortnight (bread and milk replenished as needed throughout the fortnight)

~ Fruit and veg for 1 week

~Meat for 10 meals. here we have 10 chicken drumsticks; 1kg chicken breast; 10 sausages; 2kg premium mince; 2kg chuck steak for casseroles

and all packaged into meal portions for freezing

There are also 5x 2L bottles of  Pepsi Max; 4x 1.25L bottle of lemonade; and a tub of margarine that I forgot to take pics of lol

It really is simple, but takes some planning and organisation, something I am still getting my head around! I also make the plan flexible so we can switch days if something comes up, and I make sure I have a meal either in the slow cooker, or pre-cooked for reheating on busy days.

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So, tomorrow is fortnightly grocery shopping day, which means meal planning and shopping lists. Not only am I on a mission to get organised for family meals and lunchbox treats, but I am now also on a mission to do it on a budget. I want to save some serious $$ on our grocery bill. I have found meal planning has helped shave a bit off the cost, but I need to take it 1 step further. Where to start though? Well, I decided to trade out some of the more ‘expensive’ meals, for cheaper alternatives. So, gone from the menu are lamb casserole, and fancy dishes, and added in their place are some old favourites.

This fortnight I have:

1. added 2 meals based around tinned tuna

2. made the most of bulk buying cheap. premium mince, and incorporated 4 mince dishes.

3. replaced steak and veg, with beef casseroles using cheap cuts of meat

4. subbed out 1 chicken thigh/breast based meal, with cheaper chicken drumsticks

5. switched to a basic pasta bake, rather than the usual chicken/spinach/ricotta canneloni that can sometimes add up when it comes to $$

6. searched the fridge/pantry to see what curry pastes and condiments I had left

With that in mind, here are the first weeks dinners 🙂

Image Credit: Julie Goodwin

Friday- Home made beef rissoles and vegetables, served with gravy

Saturday- Tuna Mornay

Sunday- chicken burritos

Monday- Slow cooker beef casserole

Tuesday- Cottage Pie

Wednesday- Tandoori chicken, rice, and steamed greens

Thursday- chicken and cheese pasta bake


Carrot and Pineapple Muffins

Carrot and Pineapple Muffins

Choc Chip cookie dough (for freezer)

Cheese and vegemite scrolls

The Organised Housewife

I have decided from now on I will do a big fortnightly grocery shop, and then one small one in between fro fresh fruit and veg, and anything we may run out of, and actually need, such as milk and bread. As part of this new routine, I am also doing a fortnightly meal plan for dinners.

We are currently halfway through our fortnight.

Week 1:

Friday- Crumbed chicken breast, steamed veg, and potato bake

Saturday- lasagne, salad and garlic bread

Sunday- Lemon Chicken Stir Fry

Monday- Chicken Burritos

Tuesday- Kayla’s Birthday: Party Pies, sausage rolls, ricotta and spicach puffs, chicken nuggets, ice cream cake

Wednesday- Sausages and veg

Thursday- Hoisin Pork lettuce cups, Masaman Lamb curry and rice

Week 2:

Friday- (possible away)

Saturday- (possible away)

Sunday- left over lasagne, toasties

Monday- Slow cooker Beef Strog

Tuesday- Pork stir fry

Wednesday- Thai Red Chicken Curry (a regular as the kids LOVE it)

Thursday- Chicken, pumpkin, spicach and ricotta canneloni

Baking: Vegemite and cheese scrolls, pizza rolls, cheese and bacon rolls, cookies

The Organised Housewife


Don’t you just hate it when you have heaps of washing to do, and it rains all day? This is me today. I’m not happy, but it happens. Maybe this will help me get into the ‘load a day’ mentality?

For now, I needed a quick fix.


Hubby put rope up in our garage aaaaaages ago, but it was definitely not enough space. Not even with 2 clothes horses! So, I got the kids to bring me hangers from their wardrobe. Sorted.

And ya know what? The added bonus is that most of that can just go into the wardrobe when it’s dry. Yay.