Hi there, I’m Tanya: Mum of 3 (2 girls and a boy), and wife to one (hehe).

People who know me, probably see me as a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky person, always up for a laugh. They quite possibly think I am a bit of a nutter also!

I love to bake (but don’t like what it does to my hips! oops!); knit; crochet; and dabble in just about anything crafty. You’ll see lots of that stuff here.
I am also a Uni student, studying Primary Teaching/Early Childhood education, so you may occasionally find things related to that on my blog also….but I’ll probably keep that to a minimum, unless it’s a really cool activity or something.

The other thing you will see a lot of (at least for now), is my attempt to become, and STAY organised! Seriously, I am so slack sometimes that I even secretly shake my head at myself lol. On the outside, I come across as relaxed about the state of my house, but in reality, the inner 50s-housewife-wanna-be is just busting to come out ! I so really want to raise the bar, and step up from dis-organised housewife, to Domestic Goddess. There, I have admitted it…..and now it is out there in internet land forever. Eeeep!

So please, if you have similar interests or goals, feel free to follow along. If  you read a post and have a great tip related to it, go ahead and leave a comment. I promise I wont bite. Seriously……

P.S: I seriously don’t always look like this…..most days it’s un-brushed hair, shorts/jeans, and a daggy top (maybe this should change also?….)


  1. Amy says:

    Hi! Love your blog. I used to live in Melbourne and really miss Australia. I saw your comment on six sisters blog about the peanut butter bars. I started making those when I lived in Australia and I would just crumb up a package of shortbread and use those. Since being back in the US, I’ve tried the recipe with Graham crackers and always use shortbread instead. Tastes much better!

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