But, how do you do it?

Posted: February 24, 2012 in I WILL get organised!, Uncategorized
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Recently when I have been talking about meal planning and fortnightly shopping, I have had people ask how I do it. Well, it is simple really. Hubby gets paid every second Friday, so that is shopping day now. On Thursday, or Wednesday if I am super organised, I write down 14 meals I would like to make for dinner over the fortnight, starting on a Friday. I try to incorporate ingredients that may be left in the fridge, freezer or pantry, such as meat, pasta, rice, vegetables, or sauces and curry pastes. You can see the first week of my current meal plan (starting tonight) in my post HERE.

Once I know what I have on hand, I start my shopping list. Anything needed for the meals I have planned, goes on the list, and I write down the quantities I will need so I don’t over buy. I include everything in my list: meat; fruit and vegetables for the planned meals, lunch boxes, and snacks (for one week only); crisp bread for school lunches; ingredients for baking; condiments and spreads we are out of, or will run out of during the fortnight; milk, bread and eggs; and any toiletries we need. I buy all of this on pay day, and this is my ‘big’ shop for the fortnight. I go again on the alternate week to stock up on fresh fruit and veg for the 2nd weeks meals and lunches, and I buy fresh bread and milk in between as needed.

I have found that this method has so far been saving me up to $30 per week on what I used to spend! Today I spent $261.30, and this is what I got:

~ Pantry items, bread, and dairy for the fortnight (bread and milk replenished as needed throughout the fortnight)

~ Fruit and veg for 1 week

~Meat for 10 meals. here we have 10 chicken drumsticks; 1kg chicken breast; 10 sausages; 2kg premium mince; 2kg chuck steak for casseroles

and all packaged into meal portions for freezing

There are also 5x 2L bottles of  Pepsi Max; 4x 1.25L bottle of lemonade; and a tub of margarine that I forgot to take pics of lol

It really is simple, but takes some planning and organisation, something I am still getting my head around! I also make the plan flexible so we can switch days if something comes up, and I make sure I have a meal either in the slow cooker, or pre-cooked for reheating on busy days.

The Organised Housewife
  1. Marita says:

    Looks like our monthly grocery shop. It can be tricky to manage but sure saves the $’s.

    • I battle constantly with the kids over this fortnightly thing lol. This is to feed 5 of us, the the 2 school aged kids go nuts wanting to eat everything in the first few days lol.

      I supplement with a fair bit of baking to help bulk out what they take for lunches, and for afternoon tea etc.

  2. Nikke miller says:

    Lol.. Step by step the way I do it.. Except I have a stocktake folder that I highlight items as used, so when meal planning I can just flick through, and by shopping online I also save fuel money as delivery is free if over a certain amount.. Makes life a little less stressed 🙂

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