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Ok, so I touched on these in my previous post about food gifts, but then last night I decided it was time to make some, so went searching for the recipe I use. I don’t do the ones with sultanas, because the hubby wont eat them (the sultanas that is…he does adore rum balls!)

I am not entirely sure where I got the recipe, but no doubt it was a website such as or BestRecipes or similar.


1/2 cup dessicated coconut

2Tbl spoons cocoa powder

1/2 cup milk powder (Nestle Sunshine is good)

250g plain sweet biscuits (I use Nice usually)

3-4 Tble spoons Rum (I use Bundaberg)

1 410g tin of sweetened condensed milk


Process biscuits in blender or food processor until a fine crumb, then add to mis=xing bowl with other dry ingredients.

Add 2/3 of condensed milk and form into a firm dough, adding extra condensed milk as needed, then mix in the rum. Mix dough well, adding more condensed milk if it is still a bit crumbly. Allow the mixture to firm up a bit, in the fridge if required, then roll into balls about 2-2.5cm in diameter. Put some extra coconut in a bowl, and rolls the rum balls in it to coat. YUMMO!!


So, It’s Easter…the time of year to indulge in some chocolate. OK, LOTS of chocolate. And this yummy Chocolate peppermint Fudge is super yummy! I adapted the recipe from Donna Hay’s Chocolate Fudge recipe, because I couldn’t quite find what I was after…or a recipe that used the ingredients I had in my pantry.


400g Dark Chocolate, broken into pieces

395g tin Condensed Milk

150g butter, chopped (mine was a bit to soft to chop)

Peppermint essence to taste


Place butter, chocolate, and condensed milk into a saucepan, and melt over low-medium heat stirring continuously. When almost totally melted and combined, add a splash of peppermint essence. Continue to stir until mixture is smooth, and starting to thicken. Taste and add more peppermint if desired. Mix again. Pour into a greased and lined slice tin, smooth, and place in refrigerator to set. Cut into small pieces and serve.

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