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An oldie, but a goodie…..I should make more tutus xx

A Multifarious Me

My littlest girl is turning 4 next week, and we are having a fairy party on Monday, a few days early, to celebrate! I put it out there that the grown ups were free to dress up if they wished…..then realised that probably meant that I should lead by example. DOH!!!
I searched high and low online for a suitable outfit for this plus-sized body of mine, but everything was either SUPER expensive, or a bit to, *ahem* raunchy for a children’s party! 
(Note- when you Google “adult fairy costume” it tends to lead to ‘adult’ stores lol).
SO, i decided to make one!!!
Wings: $6 from The Reject Shop (came with wand, and super goofy looking sparkly headband with antennae things lol)
Blue Tulle, Black netting, black elastic: $17 from Lincraft
What do you think? It took me a good couple of hours (who would have thought tulle and…

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