Quickie Quiche

Posted: June 23, 2012 in From My Kitchen, Uncategorized
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I call it quick, because I cut some corners. I often whack the veg in the microwave to steam, then allow it to cool. If I have more time on my hands, I sautee or roast the veg accordingly.

2 sheets frozen puff pastry
4 stalks (?) Silverbeet, chopped roughly
1 leek, sliced
1 small sweet potato, peeled and sliced
1 cup cream
7 eggs (i used min 59g eggs)
Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare quiche/pie dish.
Thaw pastry, and cook veg.
Beat eggs and cream together. Add salt and pepper.
Press pastry into dish, covering base and sides. You may need to trim and fill gaps.
Put veg on pastry, and pour over egg mix. Roll edges of pastry.
Bake at 180 for approx 45min, or until golden and set in the middle.


  1. The Sisters says:

    Love quiches! and we love quick recipes! Perfect! Thanks for linking up to “Strut Your Stuff Saturday!” We hope to see you again! -The Sisters

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