Well, winter is here, and so is the soup weather. Every winter I make a few favourite soups in my slow cooker, and I keep them in the fridge for lunches, or light dinners. This week I have made a very thick pea and ham soup, because that is the way I like it. For something different, I also use yellow split peas instead of the usual green.


500g packet of green OR yellow split peas

2 small ham hocks

3L water*

1 onion, diced

1-2 carrots, finely grated

2 teaspoons minced garlic

1 bay leaf

water, extra, to simmer ham hocks.

*if you have a small slow cooker (3/3.5L), add only enough to fill, and reserve the rest until the ham hocks have been removed from the slow cooker. You could also use salt reduced chicken stock


1. Place ham hocks in a large pot, cover with water, and gently simmer for 45min-1hr to remove impurities, and some of the fat

2. Rinse split peas and remove and discoloured peas.

3. Place split pease, garlic, carrot, and bay leaf in slow cooker, mix to combine.

4. Place ham hocks on top of other ingredients. You may have to give them a good shove to fit them in, and submerge them in the other ingredients.

5. Pour over water until you reach the rim of he slow cooker pot. Set any leftover water aside for later.

6. Place lid on slow cooker and cook on high for 5-6hrs until ham is falling off the bone

7. Remove ham hocks. Trim fat and skin, and chop meat. Return meat to slow cooker, and top up with remaining water. Put lid back on and continue to cook for 45min-1hr

8. Taste for seasoning, and check for consistency. If you like a thicker soup, leave the lid off and allow to thicken slightly. If you like a thinner soup, top up with boiling water, and taste for seasoning again.

This recipe can also be cooked on the stove top, in a large stock pot, just follow the same process, and adjust the cooking times to suit 🙂

  1. […] Slow Cooker Pea and Ham Soup (amultifariousme.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Slow Cooker Pea and Ham Soup (amultifariousme.wordpress.com) […]

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