Is it just me?

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Or do other people have problems posting on some blogs with word verification?

Every day I read along, and admire the handy work, baking, inspiring stories etc on a number of blogs, and I like to comment where possible, using my OpenID. I have noticed however, that sometimes, no matter how many times, or how hard I try, I cannot successfully comment on some blogs. Retro Mummy is the main one, but there are others too.

This morning, I have tried, unsuccessfully, at least 20 times to comment on Retro Mummy’s post about the beautiful pyjamas she made for her gorgeous little munchkins, but every single time, I get the message saying the words I have entered are incorrect! I tried listening to the audio version, but cannot hear it properly.

I thought “hey, maybe it’s an OpenID/Blogger thing”, but no. I have successfully commented on other Blogger blogs, with word verification.

Can anybody give me any feedback on this? It makes me sad when I want to comment on some of the amazing things I read about, but can’t 😦

  1. sue says:

    It does happen to me too so I end up sending a personal message via ravelry. The ones with the 2 words are the worst ones!

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