Tightening the belt…where to save some $$$?

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So, the time has come where the kids want to do more extra-curricular activities (one ballet, one soccer), I am returning to Uni, we have daycare fees, school costs, and household bills coming from every which way….we need to tighten the budget!

I am on a mission to cut our current spending, to allow for the ballet classes, and soccer registration…but where do I cut it from?

I have already converted to vinegar and bicarb for cleaning, I am baking all our school lunch snacks etc. I have also started meal planning, and grocery shopping for a fortnight. Other things we also do include:

~buying washing powder and dishwasher tablets in bulk

~switching whatever electrical items we can, off at the wall when not in use

~buying meat in bulk at a wholesaler when possible

~buying fruit and veg from a green grocer, rather than the supermarket

~avoid buying snack foods for the lunchboxes etc

~buy items based on “per 100g price”. Ie: opt for the bigger jar/tin/bottle and get multiple uses. We do this for milk, milo, cereal, sauces, coffee etc

~make as much ‘from scratch’ as possible

~wash in cold water

~avoid using the clothes dryer whenever possible

~fill the car each visit to the petrol station, rather than putting in small amounts

~use leftovers for work/school lunches

and many more I can’t think of right now…..

Where do you save some money in your family budget? I am open to suggestions 😀


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