A small win: Organising the computer desk!

Posted: January 21, 2012 in I WILL get organised!, Uncategorized
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This is actually quite embarrassing, but I’m keeping it real. I am not blind to the fact that sometimes I am just plain lazy, and this is what can result from that laziness:

(Edit: I just noticed what is on my screen! (The Organised Housewife site) Anyone else pick up on that? Oh the irony! lol)

Everyone kind of just put up with it…..and I kept avoiding it, til one day I had a sudden burst of energy and dealt with it.

I got 2 new baskets from KMart and emptied everything off the desk. I cleaned the desk, wiped the printer, and generally gave everything a bit of a clean, then only put back what I actually wanted on the desk:

So, up top, we have the printer, and the trays holding scrap paper, and printer paper.

next shelf down to the left with have the sticky tape dispenser, and my Smiggle Diary; to the right (above the monitor) we have a small plastic basket housing a small stapler, 2 small tape despensers, a shape punch, and post-its.

On the desk to the left we have a re-purposed vase with pens (I never get flowers, so this was a much more logical use for it lol), markers, highlighters, and scissors, and a box of tissues; to the right my iMac, and speakers.

On the shelf under the keyboard draw is my laptop, and a basket with ink cartriges; and accessories for the lap top (charger, and usb mouse).

Bottom right is the sub.

Camera cables and usb cords hang from a hook on the right side of the desk, and we also have powerboards mounted there so we can turn everything off at the switch at night (these were pre-existing features that hubby came up with.

So now the desk is immaculate, but I still have all this to deal with (but only 1 basket left now :-S)

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