A timely reminder.

Posted: January 13, 2012 in I WILL get organised!, Uncategorized
~Disclaimer: this post has ended up way bigger than I first intended, and has about a thousand photos (Ok, slight exaggeration)~
Just now, I was sitting here going through my Flickr account, and looking back over some projects from last year when I came across some photos of the great room swap of 2011. It was BIG, and involved all 5 of us moving bedrooms in only 1 day.
Looking back, we were a bit crazy I think, but it was a desperate attempt to end the morning/afternoon bickering between 2 little girls as they got ready for school/daycare/baths/bed….ANYTHING, and finally put an end to the age old argument: “I didn’t make the mess in our room, it was all her fault!!”. (Hmmm, this has since been proven untrue….they are as bad as each other!). Of course, we made the girls do a lot of the work, and we just moved the furniture and heavier items, such as toy boxes.
Here are a couple (ok, a LOT) of before/progress shots:
Girls’ room = mess/clutter
more clutter…..
My little man’s old room
his bookcase and wardrobe
clothes hamper (a bit hidden); tallboy; (messy) changetable
As you can see, the room the girls were sharing was a bit of a disaster, and my baby boy was living in an untidy looking bedroom, for no real reason at all. BUT, the fighting between the girls over who was the messy one was our biggest issue, so we decided to separate them, and put our eldest in with the baby…….in the master bedroom………so we had to move out too!!
This is how the kids’ rooms looked at the end of that day, new doona covers and all for the 2 girls:
Miss C moved into Master E’s old room
yes, we carried the books in there, on the shelves……hmmm
Miss K and Master E moved into our old room…..
……but E still had that messy looking change table
7 months on, they are still doing well in the current arrangement, but it is obvious that both girls are little hoarders, and both girls are a bit messy! There are still things that annoy me about the rooms, even though we have been through all their belongings and thrown away a lot of clutter. Clearly, they need more work.
I find it amusing that I came across these pics, because with my current ‘organising binge’, one of the first places I dealt with was that change table!! Seriously, it looked atrocious!! So, a couple of baskets later, and it is now looking a LOT better (I still want one more basket for underneath though, to store wipes, spare nappy boosters, knitted covers etc).
Yep, it has certainly been a timely reminder of why I need to keep plugging away at sorting and organising around here……
The Organised Housewife
How very exciting! This post (originally on my old blog HERE) has been featured in Love it, Like it, Link it.
The Organised Housewife
  1. Love the baskets! They would be perfect to store our nappies in too (Love that you use cloth!). Where did you get the baskets from?

    • Hi there 🙂
      I got the baskets at KMart. They were $14 each, and are quite a nice size. They had a few different styles available, all roughly at that price point. Hope that helps.
      I love cloth nappies. We stated using them with our 2nd child (now almost 5!) and most of these were originally hers. So economical, and much, much nicer on my babies’ bottoms.

      • Thanks! I’m heading to Kmart today so will have to have a look.
        I love using cloth nappies too. Our little one is almost 2 and we’ve been using them since she was born. We had some cheap nappies with pilchers to start with them used the baby bonus to buy a good set of all-in-ones. Best thing we’ve ever done 🙂

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