Organised? What the…….?

Posted: January 11, 2012 in I WILL get organised!, Uncategorized
Ok, so most people I know would tend to think I am a fairly organised person, and I can be, but the truth of the matter is I suck at sticking with the good habits!
I will have one week of being completely on top of everything, and then a week where it all just falls apart.
I have come to the realisation that with our 2nd child starting school at the end of the month, and our 3rd starting daycare this week, things are going to be fairly hectic when I return to uni in Feb. I really need to get on top of things NOW!
Yes, that’s right, a blog dedicated to getting organised!
I stumbled across this brilliant site quite by chance, through her Facebook page, and LOVED what I saw there. So many tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration. Exactly what I need.
As I browsed, I found this back to school post about how to organise papers that come home from school, and loved the simplicity of it and decided to adapt the idea to suit our needs, i.e. sort out the cluttered mess of papers that end up on the fridge, or pegged to the calendar!
Here is The Organised Housewife’s version:
image source: The Organised Housewife
And this is my version:
Note the clutter in the reflection of the microwave door? I was also mid cleaning the
microwave, thanks to another post I found on the blog!
Trays purchased from my local Big W
I chose to put the trays on top of the microwave, as it is in a handy location, and we don’t have any other furniture close by to sit them on. There is a tray for each of the 3 kids to house their Blue Books (health check books/immunisation records), school bank books, swimming assessment books, notes from school/daycare and so on. The 4th tray is a miscellaneous tray for bills, messages, takeaway menus etc.
I am sure these will be revised at some stage as our needs change, but for now, they suit us fine. I will make some labels, laminate them, and attach them with blu-tack, so everyone knows who’s tray is who’s.
I also plan to get some magazine holders for the girls to go in their rooms for homework, home readers,  artwork, and school work that comes home with them, and one for colouring in books etc.
This is such a simple idea, and I am extremely happy that I stumbled across The Organised Housewife. I am already working towards implementing more of her ideas around our home.
How do you store your assorted papers/notes etc?

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