My Granny Square Crush

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Crafty Me, Uncategorized
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Ok, so I’m not really a hooker (as in, one who crochets…..not the other type :-p), but I have a bit of a closet love affair with Granny Squares. They are so versatile, and can be as loud and bright, or as classically simple and chic, as you want them to be.
(oh, and sorry about the quality of some of the photos about to come, many are from my phone).
This is Amy
Miss C scored herself a lovely little Australian Girl Doll called Amy for Christmas, so of course she needs a whole heap of accessories and clothing. Miss C decided Amy needed a blanket, and I totally agreed.
This is Amy’s blanket 🙂
So, I had a dig around through my yarn stash for some scraps that would coordinate nicely.
I settled on scraps in pinks, purples, and greens.
I love Amy’s blanket…one could say it has me “hooked” on
granny squares hehehe
Now as, quite frankly, a beginner crocheter/hooker, I cannot remember stitches off the top of my head, so I had to have a bit of a hunt around on Ravelry for a square I liked the look of, then refer to a book for the written instructions/diagrams for the stitches. I settled on a traditional granny square. Easy.
isn’t she a beauty?
Anyway, I used mostly Aran/12ply weight yarns, with a 5mm hook, and this (roughly 30x30cm) little blanket took me about 3.5hrs in front of the TV one night.
The ease and speed at which it worked up, totally got my blood pumping, and I have dived head first into a blanket for my little man, Matser E. I am aiming for something between cot size, and single bed size, depending on how long my yarn lasts me.
Perfect colours for a little boy 🙂
Cannot wait to complete this blanket for the special little man in my life!

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