Happy New Year

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So 2011 is gone, and 2012 is here.
This year brings a lot for my little family: 2 girls at school; our (last) baby starting daycare; and both of us turning 30….I really can’t believe we are old enough to have 2 in school!! Where does the time go? I mean really? We seem to blink, and suddenly 6 months has passed. So much happens each day/month/year, but somehow I still feel like we don’t really do anything. Time just seems to pass us by as we get bogged down in our daily routines.
This year, I’d like things to change a bit. Not huge changes, but little things that will put more smiles on our children’s faces, and make more wonderful memories. I’m not much into resolutions, as I just break them, but I can set goals.
So, in 2012, I would like to at least have a stab at achieving the following:
lose 20-30kg
make more time to do things for myself/look after myself/pamper myself
spend more weekends together as a family, having fun
catch up with friends more often
be more organised around the house (ie: keep on top of mess so it doesn’t spiral out of control lol)
just dive into my yarn stash and use it!!!
stop procrastinating and just get my damn tattoos.
Here’s hoping 2012 is an amazing year.

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