It is birthday party eve, and today I slaved away in the kitchen preparing Miss C’s cake.
This year, she requested a fairy castle, as she is having a fairy party…makes sense.
Now, I am a big Fan of the Women’s Weekly Birthday cake books, and when we had our first child, I promptly purchased this new version of the book:
However, it just wasn’t the same as the version I grew up with in the 80s. I love the modern cakes in the new version, and the absence of obscene amounts of coloured coconut, but the old version was, and still is my favourite.
SO, you can imagine my excitement when I found out they were releasing this:
Back by popular demand! A re-print of the original book!! I purchased it as soon as I saw it in the flesh, and requested that Miss C let me make her the castle from this book, rather than the flash ‘new’ one.
Now, my version is a bit more ‘fancy’ I guess you’d say than the one in the book, but lets just say I have restored the old castle to fit the 2011 landscape lol.
I replaced the white ‘fluffy frosting’ with a pink butter cream, and the smarties with little pastel lollies; the drawbridge on my castle is made from white chocolate, which I melted and and spread onto baking paper to set, and I also made white chocolate windows; I added some fairies on top of the castle; and some grass and flowers for landscaping.
The construction, however, is still the same as the version in the book.
This cake was a labour of love, and took hours to decorate, but Little Miss adores it, and that is all I care about. I absolutely LOVED making this cake, and I cannot wait to pull the book out again later in the year to make a special cake for our little boy’s first birthday.

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