one a penny, two a penny….

Posted: April 23, 2011 in From My Kitchen, Uncategorized
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Hot Cross Buns!!!!
I actually made hot cross buns…..from scratch!
I used THIS recipe from today, after i was pointed in it’s direction by a fellow Ravelry member. Turns out a fair few of us knitters, are also pretty nifty in the kitchen 😉
I left out the fruit as no one in this house, but me, likes sultanas and raisins etc in hot cross buns.
Anyway, some of the reviews said it needed more spice, so I added extra mixed spice, as well as some cinnamon to the mix. However, I still think I could have added even more! My husband says they are fine, so maybe I am just finding them a bit bland because they have no fruit to add flavour and texture.
One review said that warm golden syrup was a nice alternative to the sugar syrup glaze, so I did that also.
I found this to be a very easy recipe to follow, and they turned out beautifully soft and fluffy.
The next batch I make will have choc chips!!!!

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