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Posted: April 21, 2011 in Crafty Me, Uncategorized
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Ahhhh, how I love Thursdays. A day where lots of crafty people share what they have been up to. Lots of gorgeous things to sticky beak at, lots of inspiration. Awesome.
My creative space, once again, is my coffee table… seems to be where everything ends up, as I generally sit on the lounge and knit while watching television….or a movie……or ignore the bickering kids etc. It is a super comfy place to sit…so I guess you will be seeing a lot more of my coffee table in future :-p
This week, there are a couple of things on my creative coffee table, and to get into the creative mood, I had a play around with some basic photo editing in photobucket…..whoa! I think I should stick to knitting!!!
mmmmm, coffee and knitting….enough said really!
There are 2 WIPs (work in progress) in this pic. One is a Hotshot (Ravlery link) up in the back there, and the other at the front is a bulky/12ply shawl pattern I am nutting out for myself.
Will see how it goes, and maybe in a few days I will have a gorgeous shawl to share on here!
Keen to have a peak at some more creative spaces? Head on over to kootoyoo and find the creative spaces link to the right 🙂

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